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ProWay products are proudly Australian designed and manufactured, and installed all over the world.

Benefits of working with ProWay

ProWay’s aim is simple, to design and build livestock handling products that make livestock handling more efficient, safe and profitable for our clients.

By designing sheep and cattle handling facilities that utilise natural stock movements and instincts, ProWay provides a safer and less stressful working environment for both livestock and operator.

Although efficient manufacturing is important at ProWay, our aim is not to mass produce panels. It is to build sheep yards, cattle yards and livestock handling products to suit our client’s site and operations.

Most farmers design and build between 1 and 3 sets of yards in their lifetime. At ProWay we manufacture and deliver 6 custom facilities a week. It is this experience that enables ProWay to provide its clients with proven designs and innovations that make their stock handling safer and more labour efficient.

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ProWay offer an integrated design and planning, budgeting, manufacture and site installation service for livestock handling facilities.

ProWay has substantial experience in delivering projects to primary producers, local councils and large supply chain livestock handling complexes.

ProWay uses on site surveys and/or satellite information to custom design handling solutions specifically suited to the individual requirements of your operation. The collective knowledge of the ProWay design team will make sure all industry issues are considered, including;

  • Stock flow and safety of animals
  • Need for labour efficiency
  • WH&S issues
  • Longevity and Profitability

ProWay have a manufacturing base in Wagga Wagga, NSW, with a workshop staff of 35 people. All fabricators are tradesman or apprentices. A variety of machines are used, including section rollers, folders, a dedicated sheet metal rolling line and a plasma profile cutter to achieve economical production of sophisticated design.

ProWay have a five person drafting team producing workshop drawings and orders. Most projects are drawn with 3D CAD software for accurate, economical fabrication.

Contract yard installers can be supplied to travel to the site to install yard systems. All contractors have sound knowledge of our product and the standards required. Using our pre-fabricated product the time is minimised on site, from start to completion.

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Where does ProWay fit in with your business?

We can offer your business the benefit of our integrated design and planning, budgeting, manufacture and site installation service for any scale of livestock handling.

Benefits of working with us are;

  • Rapid and accurate budgeting for planned facilities. ProWay can work with you to draw up suitable designs. These can be quickly valued and varied accordingly.
  • You can be sure the designs will fit your current and future needs. Drawing on a CAD program allows rapid evaluation of capacity and function, and viewing of possible future capital works layouts.
  • Yards will be state of the art in design. Our experience and the liaison process with stakeholders will ensure yards are state of the art in:
    • Maximising stock flow for stress free handling of livestock. This will minimise labour costs in processing stock. It will also maximise livestock returns in minimising hide damage, bruising and dark cutting meat.
    • All latest technology is considered in the design. Examples would be EID technology or the patented ProWay autodrafter.
    • All OH & S issues are considered and Australian and industry standards are complied with.
    • Yards will be Livestock Transporters Association compliant.

By choosing ProWay products, you know your yards will be constructed from top quality materials, with strength in the right places. The industry is currently being flooded with imported material which is improperly or deceptively specified. Some operators are finding out the hard way, what initially looked cost effective, is actually the most expensive option.

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