Sawtooth shearing board Wyvern
ProWay products are proudly Australian designed and manufactured, and installed all over the world.


ProWay Livestock Equipment was established in February 2000 and since then has progressed to become practical consultants with a suite of skills, relevant to designing and delivering livestock handling products and facilities.


ProWay workshop

With over 15 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing livestock equipment, ProWay is equipped to provide the expertise and resources that are required to achieve state of the art, handling facilities.

We have a deep understanding of how products need to function to maximise stock flow, and ensure animal and operator safety. We often see projects fail to reach their potential because the manufacture and installation was completed by parties with limited livestock handling knowledge or suitable materials.

It is the attention to detail in manufacturing and understanding the purpose of a product that determines if a livestock handling facility is first class or not.


This is why ProWay Livestock Equipment remains the industry Choice of Livestock Professionals.