Cattle rotary force saleyards
ProWay products are proudly Australian designed and manufactured, and installed all over the world.


ProWay has an extensive product library of designs and equipment that have been refined over the last 15 years.

SELX cattle saleyards

ProWay prides itself on being a market leader in product innovation and its reputation in the industry is a testament to their extensive range of well-designed equipment and facilities.

Innovative product advancements include:

  • ProWay Sheep bulk handler
  • Remote Operated Cattle rotary force
  • Lift swing sheep rotary force
  • Adjustable cattle race

ProWay have a drafting team producing workshop drawings and orders. Most projects are drawn in a 3D CAD program for accurate, economical fabrication.


The importance of customisation and bespoke solutions for our customers is highlighted by the variation of husbandry operations we build all over the world.


The design and construction of your facility is an important consideration.


Well constructed stockyards will last a lifetime and make your livestock operation more profitable for the following reasons:


  • Less labour is required to efficiently handle stock
  • Good yards encourage timely husbandry
  • Allows systems to effectively weigh, treat and draft stock to allow management and processing for specific markets.
  • Less stress and bruising on stock


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Ultimately for greater return, primary producers of animal products must run more livestock to facilitate growth. This can be done by increasing efficiencies and farm capacity, some examples of these are:
  • Land expansion
  • Amplify feed input / reduce time off fee
  • Improve genetics / growth rates
  • Implement data retention
  • Utilise available technologies
  • Increase labour efficiency

To achieve these gains, livestock producers and processing facilities need to invest in appropriate infrastructure which improves or increases livestock throughput.