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Ramps In and Out of Sheds

ProWay products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, and installed all over the world.

Loading Ramps To Maximise Stock Flow

At ProWay, we work with you to achieve the best outcome for filling your shed and loading out from grating. We pride ourselves on our loading ramp range which are a result of years of research and development, and customer feedback.

The below range outlines three ramp types associated with shearing sheds. In many cases we customise these to suit your specific requirements.

Concrete Floor Shed Loading Ramp

    • Fully galvanised construction with stepped and stamped concrete floor for improved, non-slip loading into the shed.
    • Fully sheeted sides with optional walkway for operator access into shed.
    • Built to the height or your grating and at the optimal gradient for sheep flow.
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Permanent Adjustable Loading Ramp From Shed

    • Able to load from shed or retaining wall to reach 3rd deck (6m) or 4th deck (8m)
    • Heavy duty H frame and gantry (250 UB columns) incorporating brace
    • Comes standard with a non-slip walkway and hand rail on either drivers or passenger side, with the option of having both.
    • Standard 5:1 brake winch, with option of 12V electric winch.
    • Fully galvanised construction with HD sprung chassis and wind down legs for extra stability.
    • Sheeted 1 metre sides, loading width at 915mm inside race for ideal sheep flow.
    • Self-engaging safety bar.
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Level Landing Buffer Board

    • ProWay can work with the shed builder to include a sliding door at the height of the grating.
    • Depending on truck heights, some customers load onto or unload stock from the grating.
    • ProWay can supply and install a solid buffer board to protect the shed wall and sliding door when reversing the truck.
    • These openings give flexibility, further ventilation and natural light in the shed.
    • In raised wool rooms, we can also supply level landings for bale loading straight onto trucks.
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