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ProWay products are proudly Australian designed and manufactured, and installed all over the world.

Auto & Remote Pneumatic solutions  

ProWay has a range of pneumatic solutions that can improve your labour efficiency by minimising staff requirements to process cattle, effectively saving you money.

Other advantages pneumatics can offer your operation is reducing the WH&S hazards associated with stockyards, allowing you and your staff to work safer and further from cattle while increasing productivity.

Pnuematic rotary block gates lead up to a weigh crate

Stock flow is maximised as there is less interaction with people who can potentially cause baulking when in view of individual animals. The potential of auto drafting is also achievable through these systems which again save time and money through productivity gains.

All systems are custom built for individual operations and can be controlled via remote, dedicated buttons or a switch board. ProWay have pneumatic solutions catered to primary producers and commercial operations, with drafters designed and built for 3, 5 and 7 ways. We have also installed pneumatic guillotine style pound yards for remote drafting of bulk lots.


Pnuematic race draft and rotary block gates


Pneumatic Autodrafter

Cattle yards pneumatic drafter 2

  • Developed to dramatically reduce labour when drafting through the crush
  • Cattle rails for strength and non bruise with hot dipped channel base for longevity
  • Rubber stoppers for quiet operation
  • 3, 5 or 7 way draft for quick and safe mob separation
  • Hand held remote for flexibility of operating
  • Industrial grade pneumatics for longevity. Auto draft control box allows unit to be used as an auto drafter or remote drafter
  • Heavy duty construction designed for feedlots and saleyard applications

Pneumatic Rotary Force

Cattle yards pneumatic rotary force

  • Designed to maximise efficiency while removing the need to get inside the force area with cattle, eliminating the risk of injury
  • The force operates with the press of a button and can be operated from a walkway for continuous flow into the race
  • Fully galvanized heavy duty construction with industrial grade pneumatics to ensure longevity
  • The gate follows cattle around rolled panels reducing area which encourages cattle to enter the race while locking into place with a padded brake
  • Braced overhead for strength and durability
  • Sheeted panels to aid stock movement and operator safety

Pneumatic Rotary Block Gates

  • Remote controlled block gates in race
  • Gates pivot on a central axis from open to closed in one motion
  • Industrial grade pneumatics for longevity
  • Operated with control box and compressor that can be set up for other pneumatic processes
  • Safely stop cattle in the working race without any risk to handlers
  • Able to operate gates from anywhere in the yards so avoids spooking cattle as with conventional sliding gates

Pneumatic Race Draft

  • Installed within race frame to allow drafting before crush
  • Sheeted panels to encourage stock flow
  • Heavy duty galvanised construction frame with industrial pneumatics for longevity
  • Manufactured to suit radial arc of the race, for straight or curved design
  • Hand held remote for flexibility allowing the operator to draft from anywhere in the yards


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