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Relocatable Cattle Yards

At ProWay we understand stock behaviour and the need for efficient yard solutions that promote stock flow and ease of operation. ProWay relocatable cattle yards are no exception and offer many of the qualities of permanent cattle yards with the added flexibility of portability when necessary.

ProWay relocatable cattle yards 1

With a panel height of 1.75m, all panels are made with quality galvanised steel and join with a heavy duty hot dipped pin. In force and high traffic yards, panels can also be dyna-bolted to a concrete slab. This minimises movement and noise when working in the yards.

ProWay relocatable cattle yards 2 ProWay relocatable cattle yards 3

All relocatable gates swing inside a galvanised RHS frame to ensure strength is maintained in the fence line. While sliding gates are reversible and can be used from either side, opening towards the operator. These run on an overhead track that does not impend on the working side.

ProWay portable cattle yards can include many of the features we have introduced into our permanent range such as: working races, rotary force yards, fully sheeted calf races with slam shut gates and step through manways. Relocatable yards are available in pipe and cattle rail options and are also suitable for round yards and horse enclosures.


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