Abattoir experience
ProWay products are proudly Australian designed and manufactured, and installed all over the world.

Abattoir Experience

Designed and manufactured by ProWay


ProWay have custom designed, fabricated and installed numerous abattoir and livestock processing facilities and equipment across Australia. From safe and efficient unloading ramps and walkways, through to state of the art processing facilities and complete raised lairages.

From designing on farm facilities, ProWay has naturally progressed into designing, manufacturing and constructing first class animal handing facilities for abattoirs. The complexity of these projects changes from job to job but we have been responsible for the complete works including:

  • Survey
  • Layout design
  • Civil design and engineering
  • Structural design and engineering
  • Hydraulic design and installation
  • Electrical design and installation
  • Offsite manufacturing
  • Onsite installation (after hours and during shut downs as required)

ProWay understands the need for the facility to keep operating during upgrades with minimum disruption to the plant. We achieve this by careful planning and pre-fabricating product so it goes up on site quickly and efficiently but still remains a functional long lasting product.

We are experts in getting stock to move through the system with the minimum of force and labour by working and understanding the animal’s willingness to move.

ProWay have a comprehensive skill set and the necessary experience for the development of your facility. We specialise in custom designed holding pens, processing yards, weighing and drafting infrastructure, wash bays, remote operated pneumatic gates, forcing yards and knock box lead ups. We have built cutting edge infrastructure for many abattoirs across Australia, primarily for cattle, sheep and goat processing facilities.

With over 15 years experience in designing, manufacturing and installing livestock handling equipment, ProWay is equipped to provide the expertise and resources that are required to achieve state of the art handling facilities.

We have a deep understanding of how products need to function to maximise stock flow, and ensure animal and operator safety. We often see projects fail to reach their potential because the manufacture and installation was completed by parties with limited livestock handling knowledge, suitable materials and/or poor design and planning.

With ProWay, you can be sure that you will receive not only the best available product quality and design service, but a customised system that works in with your existing infrastructure. We understand the complexities of livestock processing and the issues that can arise during redevelopments. ProWay can work to your budget, tailor a schedule to work with your requirements and offer full project management from start to finish.

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An example of our experience includes:

Thomas Foods International (TFI)

Murray Bridge SA

ProWay worked closely with TFI management to design, fabricate and install the custom lairage and processing facility at the lamb abattoir. This project included:

  • Supply of internal pens and laneways for a large (5000 sqm) sheep lairage
  • Three electric winch adjustable sheep unloading ramps with reversing sensors
  • Installation of pneumatic remote controlled gates in the lead up to kill floor resulting in increased efficiency and safety for livestock and operators.

Hardwick Meatworks

Kyneton VIC

ProWay undertook a processing pen redevelopment including new undercover sheep, goat and cattle pens as well as new two new cattle unloading ramps/dumps.

Tevs Wagga Wagga Abattoir

Wagga Wagga NSW

ProWay designed and constructed a new cattle handling facility including the development of herringbone lead-up up yards with non-bruise troughs, circular concrete walled wash pens with pneumatic vertical lift gates, rotary force yard and a suspended concrete single file race into the knock box. This new area was all covered by roof to keep stock and operators out of the elements.

Breakout River Meats

Cowra NSW

Work over the years for Breakout River Meats includes cattle unloading dumps and adjustable sheep dumps.

ProWay also retro fitted a rotary force yard and single file race with air operated rotary block gates into the cattle knock box.

Other construction included the building of a new approach to the pig line including suspended concrete floored lead-up ramp and dual race leading into the COstunning chamber.

MC Herds

Geelong VIC

ProWay were engaged by MC Herds to install a customised unloading platform for all drivers unloading cattle. This innovation went on to receive much media attention and was awarded first prize as the best solution to a specific WH&S issue.

WorkSafe Award


The Northern Co-operative Meat Company

Casino NSW

As part of the upgrade to the abattoir at Casino, ProWay built new yards leading up to both the veal and beef knock boxes. This was a complex job fitting into a hard to access site with many trades happening at once.

Features included rotary force yards, pneumatic vertical lift gates, pneumatic rotary block gates, walkways and stairs.

Milton Abattoir


ProWay designed and built new dual purpose holding yards for sheep, cattle and alpacas.

Work included unloading dumps, separate rotary force yards for the cattle and sheep lines, pneumatic rotary block gates and a roof over the working area.


ProWay have supplied and installed numerous unloading ramps for all type of stock at abattoirs around the country over the years. Our loading and unloading ramps are considered the best in the industry. The is validated by the invitation to assist with the compilation of the “National Guidelines for Ramps and Forcing Yards” published by the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) in July 2015. Some of these include:

JBS Abattoir

  • Supplied and installed adjustable cattle unloading ramp (ramp adjusts to unload both top and bottom deck) as well as a fixed unloading dump at the Brooklyn facility Vic.

Tatura Abattoirs VIC

  • Supply and installation of a 9m Super HD Sheep Ramp

Aussie Meats International Trading PTY LTD

  • Supply and installation of a 8.0m Sheep Ramp

Hardwicks Meatworks

  • Supply and installation of an 8m Cattle Dump and 12.5 Degree Cattle Ramp



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