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ProWay products are proudly Australian designed and manufactured, and installed all over the world.

Saleyard Experience

Forbes saleyards from the sky

Saleyards built by ProWay are many and varied.

Since 2000 ProWay has played an active role in the betterment of Australian livestock exchange facilities. Attention to the fine design detail and industry experience is critical to achieve a state of the art facility. ProWay products are regarded as the best available as they have been designed by combining practical experience, industry feedback and OH&S requirements.


ProWay has substantial experience in delivering projects to local councils and private operators of livestock selling complexes of all scales. From operations that host annual sales through to high throughput facilities that process 10s of 1000s of stock on a weekly basis.

We specialise in custom solutions in terms of complete facility “design and construct” or can focus on improvements to key areas within saleyard facilities.

Some commercial projects are green field sites where we use a combination of innovative products and design functionality gained through years of experience. Other sites have restrictions on space, operating hours, existing infrastructure and access that must be considered.

The size of pens, materials used, stock flow, species, breed and age of animals being sold, climate, loading and unloading requirements as well as sale throughput and capacity change with every site.

ProWay’s facilities are designed to provide a safe work system and environment for both livestock and operator. We have been involved in renovations of existing saleyards to improve infrastructure such as walkways, loading/unloading ramps, pneumatic systems, laneways and pens and have also been involved in complete project and site management – where we can coordinate trades such as civil works, electrical, plumbing and concreting.


Key saleyard zones ProWay can improve:


SELX saleyards draftingLivestock drafting is an integral part of the saleyard process. ProWay pride themselves on innovative and efficient drafting facilities for all animal breeds, maturity and weight ranges. ProWay offer integrated systems that suit your sale structure, whether that be pre/post-sale drafting.

ProWay have solutions based on budget, scale and individual requirements. There are no limits in terms of how refined mob splitting needs to be. We customise solutions based on facility requirements and offer concepts that are proven to be efficient, safe and profitable.

ProWay have an in-house engineering and design team that have developed many unique pre/post-sale systems. ProWay has designed, fabricated and installed race and pound drafting solutions that are regarded in the industry as state of the art. Whether your operation requires fully automatic, remote or manual drafting, we are committed to providing the best available outcome and stand by our products as world leaders in livestock handling systems.





SELX saleyards weighingModern livestock exchange centres require efficient and safe weighing solutions. Whether its single animal weighing to bulk lot weighbridge processing, ProWay have installed state of the art facilities that allow accurate data retention on stock.

Our focus is on the safety of operation staff and public where applicable and it is this that drives or innovative weight management product range. Animal welfare is also a key criterion and our product development process follows strict guidelines to ensure bruising and injury to livestock is minimised where possible.

ProWay have designed, built and installed and advised on weighing facilities and can customise to suit individual requirements. Recent examples include:

SELX Cattle Saleyards Yass NSW:

ProWay were engaged to design and implement post-sale bulk lot weighing across a weighbridge and single animal weighing for stud and individual lots. This process involves a control room which can view mob and individual lots and with a press of a button, split cattle through pneumatically operated draft systems.

Forbes Pig Saleyards NSW:

ProWay designed and installed Forbes Sheep and Pig Saleyards. As part of the pig sale facility, ProWay was commissioned to design and install a weighbridge unit for single and lot processing. The bridge is fitted with pneumatic guillotine gates that can be operated from an adjacent control room.

Loading and Unloading

ProWay’s loading and unloading ramps are considered the best in the industry. This is validated by the invitation to assist with the completion of the “National Guidelines for Ramps and Forcing Yards” published by the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) in July 2015.

Loading ramps at SELX saleyardsProWay have designed, manufactured and installed various heavy duty adjustable ramps that allow operators to unload livestock from varied truck decks. Our ramps are designed to angle at less than 20 degrees at their steepest incline, allowing livestock and operators to walk up and down the ramp safely and efficiently.

We have built commercial grade loading and unloading ramps at saleyards and processing facilities in every Australian state and territory. Our expertise covers multi species loading/unloading including: sheep, tropical and temperate cattle, pigs and goats. We also provide solutions for rear or side stock crate arrangements.

All cattle ramps come with a sliding door at the top of the ramp to allow the operator to stop the flow of livestock and enter and exit safely without having to disturb or startle cattle. The sliding gate enables the operator to shut the cattle in the last pen so they can retrieve the bridging flap without the fear of getting trampled. The sliding gate is at a height that the bridging flap can swing under it.

ProWay ramps have walkways and man access gates to ensure the operator is able to safely enter and exit the ramp and oversee all loading and unloading at a safe distance and height. Bridging flaps are included where applicable to cover the gap between truck and ramp. ProWay ramps are manufactured from galvanised and hot dipped components for longevity.

Our commercial adjustable ramps are remote operated with a 3-phase hoist to lift and lower the ramp. An incremental safety bar is installed on all ProWay adjustable ramps.

Other ramps include fixed under and over ramps and heavy duty single deck ramps for both sheep and cattle.

Sale and Stack Pens

Sale and stack pens designed by ProWayProWay build sale and stack pens that are constructed to provide adequate space for animals with access to water as required.  Gates between pens allows easy access for cleaning and “long penning” for sale purposes.  Gates are also fixed with a bolt latch and striker plate. Where possible ProWay design saleyard pens in a butterfly or herringbone arrangement allowing safe and efficient thoroughfare for livestock between sale pens.

ProWay offer a complete saleyard design and construct service and can optimise your facility based on site and operation specific requirements. Our experience means you can be sure stock flow, animal welfare and operator safety are scrutinised in the design, fabrication and installation of ProWay facilities.



Commercial roof oversProWay shelters ensure shade and shelter for operators, general public and livestock. Our designers take into consideration poor weather conditions and how the roof can protect all users. In many cases, shed structures can offer structural benefits to your infrastructure with our ability to incorporate column spacing’s into the facility design.

ProWay also have numerous relationships with quality shed manufactures for large scale shelter and shed spans. We work in partnership with trusted professionals to ensure your facility is delivered on time, on budget and to a premium standard.





ProWay walkwaysProWay can install walkways for both auctioneers and the general public. Walkways are built to applicable Australian standard heights with all OH&S regulations in place. Walkways are built with a non-slip surface and can be designed for different applications.

In most cases, raised auctioneer’s walkways are installed with galvanised non-slip platforms, while general public and buyer’s walkways are often raised, engineered concrete slabs. Buyer’s walkways are often stock free zones. ProWay can also install raised working platforms for remote control stations and crow’s nest draft systems.






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