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Sheep Bulk Handler

Most handlers on the market today create more problems than they solve. Getting individual sheep to run into a handler, then catching and controlling them is harder than you may imagine.

With this in mind, ProWay have created the sheep bulk handler.

Sheep yards mobile sheep bulk handler

Sheep are ushered into the race section of the handler in groups of 20-30 at a time, depending on size and wool. The grated floor is then lifted hydraulically, with sheep being brought to waist height of the operator. The sheep are suspended on their underside. Sheep become very passive as they caught as a group, in a natural position. As with shearing, if the sheep is properly held, it becomes submissive.

Sheep are ideally positioned and held for a majority of husbandry operations. Sheep are unable to ‘tunnel’ and bury their heads. Operators are far less likely to miss the recalcitrant animals. Animals are more likely to receive the correct dose, or have treatment applied in the correct pattern as they are confined and well presented.

Close up sheep bulk handler

Throughput levels are very high, as handling and filling times are quick and labour efficient. Operator fatigue and need for physical strength are minimised. Operators are also physically separated from chemicals being applied by the sheeted sides, having minimal contact with the sheep. This isolation from the animals also minimises injury risk for the operator.

The sheep bulk handler can be easily used by one operator as it fills easily, and all sheep are accessible from one side. It can also be very effectively used by two or more operators as both sides of the handler can be utilised to access sheep.

It is ideal for drenching, vaccinating, capsuling, mouthing, back lining, jetting and tagging.


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