ProWay 12 stand sawtooth shearing board
ProWay products are proudly Australian designed and manufactured, and installed all over the world.

ProWay’s sawtooth board design maximises safety and efficiency for shearers and wool handlers.

The Sawtooth design is unique in that it minimises the length of the drag for each shearer but most importantly minimises the need to turn when dragging. Research has shown that turning while dragging is a major cause of back and knee injury.

Each shearer has a separate work area including a large shelf for combs, cutters, tool boxes etc. This minimises the chance of injury caused by lost sheep and out of position shearers.

Shearer on a ProWay sawtooth board Sawtooth shearing board Barmedman

The chutes are recessed into the board and send sheep under the grating into individual count out pens. Sheep tend to fall down the chute rather than needing to be pushed. The chutes are 600mm wide providing plenty of room for rams and larger sheep.

There is a hand rail along the board to protect shearers from falling off. Wool handlers have full access around the individual work platform and don’t need to bend over to ground level to reach a fleece or pick up locks.

The Sawtooth design meets all relevant Workplace, Health and Safety codes. It has been described by Workcover as the safest design they have seen.

All stands have an individual electrical cut out button in case of an emergency.


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