ProWay straight shearing board Moulamein
ProWay products are proudly Australian designed and manufactured, and installed all over the world.
ProWay’s straight boards are regarded as the best quality in the industry. We recommend a raised board for a number of workplace benefits however can build single level working spaces where necessary.

ProWay’s straight board stands come equipped with wide recessed chutes for easy sheep release into individual catching pens. This makes counting out at cut-outs a simpler process. We can also install digital counters in the chutes to save on processing times and ground level pen separation.

Each shearer has an individual work area, including a large shelf for combs, cutters, tool boxes etc. Shearers work in relative close contact with each other and can move around the board freely to assist others during difficulty.

ProWay straight shearing board Hadspen 2ProWay straight shearing board Hadspen 3

The catching pen designs make use of front fill or lane fill systems to ensure catching pens are easily maintained and filled. Each stand is equipped with split catching pen doors for quick open and close, support arms for shearers back supports and a handrail to protect shearers falling from the raised board.

The board platform is constructed out of a steel frame for strength and longevity, while the board itself comprises of softwood, tongue and groove slats to minimise blunting of dropped combs and cutters.

The chutes are recessed into the board and send sheep under the grating into individual count out pens. Sheep tend to fall down the chute rather than needing to be pushed. The chutes are 600mm wide providing plenty of room for rams and larger sheep.

Shearers on a straight board system are required to turn woolly sheep upon exiting the catching pen.

All stands have an individual electrical cut out button in case of an emergency.


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