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Professional livestock facilities and equipment designed for today, built to last generations

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, ProWay custom-built facilities are the choice of livestock professionals across Australia and around the world. Our yards are designed to increase safety, efficiency and profitability of your operation with a focus on innovation, quality and longevity of infrastructure.

Quality materials and individually tailored design provide our customers with:

  • Safer working conditions for operators, including managers, staff, vets and external contractors

  • Labour efficiency with improved and increased throughput of livestock

  • Timely husbandry which puts stock back on feed sooner

  • Flexibility to adopt current and future technologies in livestock handling

  • Longevity and suitability to handle specific environmental and working conditions

  • Improved animal welfare including less stress and reduced injury to livestock

  • “I can definitely recommend dealing with ProWay. It has been brilliant. The fact that you can do it all by yourself quite easily is incredible. I’d definitely recommend the bulk handler to anybody out there who is looking to make their life easier when it comes to handling livestock.”

    Paul Gault - Wellard Rural Exports – Baldivis WA Read Full Story
  • “ProWay far exceeded my expectations and they did an amazing job. The build and construction ran without hiccup in a timely fashion and I would recommend ProWay to anybody who would be prepared to listen.”

    Rupert McLaren - Glenmore Shearing Shed - Barmedman NSW Read Full Story
  • “We wanted the new design to feature ease of stock flow and management. Since the ProWay yards have been put in, everything flows evenly. I like the design, I like the materials, and they’re are a very good company to work with”

    Tom Ellis – Coola Station – Mt Gambier SA Read Full Story
  • “Now that we’ve built these, stock work is much safer and more efficient because we’re able to work the cattle without getting in with them, particularly in the working area. If you look at the overall expense, they are an asset that is going to last at least forty or fifty years. They’ll see me out and they’ll be more than likely to see my son out.”

    Griff Symonds – Mt Flora Station – Nebo QLD Read Full Story
  • “We felt having a facility that is appropriate for us to be able to handle cattle efficiently, handle cattle safely and be safe for the operator is invaluable. There’s the design process, there’s the quality of the product, and there’s the price point. We looked at different options and we felt that those three factors combined ProWay had the best offering by quite a margin”

    Frank Archer – Landfall Angus – Launceston TAS Read Full Story

20 years of innovation to maximise operational productivity and profit.

Continued innovation in livestock handling systems and product advancements have helped our customers significantly improve their operations. Innovative products include:

  • ProWay Sheep Bulk Handler
  • Remote Operated Cattle Rotary Force
  • Lift Swing Sheep Rotary Force
  • Adjustable Cattle Race

ProWay is recognised as a market leader in livestock handling innovation through its extensive range of custom-designed facilities and bespoke customer solutions.

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