Sheep Handling

ProWay products are proudly designed and manufactured
in Australia, and installed all over the world.

Sheep Yards designed to improve safety, stock flow and profitability.

For over 20 years ProWay’s Sheep Yards have earned the reputation as industry leading for their strength, efficiency, longevity and safety. ProWay Sheep Yards are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, and installed all over the world.

We understand that each operation is different, our experienced Design Team has created thousands of unique sheep handling facilities that factor in seemingly small details such as gate placement, yard access, angles in yards, yard orientation and the compression ratio or relative size of yards as well as loading and unloading to maximise stock flow, animal welfare and ultimately the profitability of your facility

To achieve this, our approach to sheep yards considers several key factors: operation type, working/holding capacity, loading infrastructure, labour efficiency, frequency of use, mix of your enterprise, incorporating existing infrastructure, services and site specifications.

“The whole ProWay process was pretty streamlined. It was quite amazing how it all went together so perfectly. Perfect on paper and that’s how it went together in the construction phase.”

Nigel Kerin, Owner | Kerin Poll Merino | Yeoval, NSW

Bulk Handler

The ‘Bulkie’ optimally positions and holds sheep, improving sheep handling efficiency and safety across most husbandry tasks. They’re ideal for drenching, vaccinating, capsuling, mouthing, back lining, jetting and tagging.

Sample Designs

All sheep enterprises have unique requirements, because of this the best stockyard design is the one that is tailored to suit your operation.

Loading Ramps

Livestock carriers regard ProWay’s vast range of sheep Loading Ramps as the best in the industry for safety and sheep flow.