Goat Handling

ProWay products are proudly designed and manufactured
in Australia, and installed all over the world.

Goat Yards & Handling Equipment designed for the booming goat market.​

ProWay are continually developing goat handling equipment and facilities. Goats present several differences in comparison to handling sheep, however for some businesses, goat yards need to accommodate mixed species.

When building a set of yards to handle goats, there are several factors to consider: operation type (meat/milk), working/holding capacity, loading infrastructure, labour efficiency, frequency of use, mix of your enterprise (such as a combination of goat, sheep and or cattle handling), incorporating existing infrastructure, services and site specifications.

As a result, our approach to goat yards and equipment reflects your operational requirements while incorporating goat behavior and instinct. ProWay are committed to design facilities which improve the efficiency, safety and profitability of your goat enterprise.

“Safety-wise, it’s made handling Goats a hell of a lot easier, a hell of a lot better”

– Maurice Walsh on the ProWay Goat Bulk Handler