ProWay products are proudly designed and manufactured in
Australia, and installed all over the world.


If you require top-grade loading and unloading ramps, ProWay is the team to build and install industry leading equipment that is efficient and safe for livestock and operator.

We were invited to assist with the compilation of the “National Guidelines for Ramps and Forcing Yards” published by the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) in July 2015.

While positive, this recognition has not seen us rest on our laurels. ProWay remains committed to continually improve our loading and unloading ramps.

ProWay specialise in the design, supply and erection of ramps for new and existing facilities, catered specifically to scale and individual operation requirements.

ProWay specialises in matching up with existing infrastructure and can provide site-specific designs for loading lead-ups and force pens as well as unloading receival pens.

We have a commercial range of ramps suitable for frequent use and depending on your requirements, we can supply premium electric winches for multi-deck access.

Profitability can easily be jeopardised by manufacturing and installing livestock handling equipment with inferior knowledge, skill and materials.

With ProWay, you can be sure that you will receive not only the best available product quality and design service but a customised system that works in with your existing infrastructure.

ProWay can work to your budget, tailor a schedule to work with your requirements and offer full project management from start to finish.


Our commercial cattle loading ramps include the following and come with a range of customisations to suit your specific requirements:

  • Adjustable Under and Over Loading Ramp
  • Under and Over Rear Loading Ramp
  • Under and Over Side Loading Ramp
  • 8m Adjustable Cattle Loading Ramp
  • 19 Degree Loading Ramp

All our loading ramps are Australian manufactured and designed. Our customisation capabilities, mean our library of cattle and sheep loading ramps is extremely vast.

Despite ProWay adopting industry best practice when it comes to design and safety, we will always continue to investigate ways in which we can keep livestock handlers and staff safer while on the job.


Traditionally a major contributor to handler injury, ProWay’s Crate PAL stops drivers having to climb up the sides or on top of trailers or crates to open gates and unload livestock. We’ve designed our PAL to move alongside livestock trailers to mitigate further danger to handler, animal and truck.

The improvement in productivity and, most importantly, safety has been astounding for B-double stock crate operators unloading cattle at the trial site in Queensland.

We believe our PAL has potential to be our most efficient and safest loading ramp yet.

If your farming operation requires state of the art loading ramps to improve safety and increase profitability, ProWay has the solution for you.