ProWay 12m Bulk Handler

Wellard Rural Exports is one of the world’s leading livestock exporters and a global agribusiness. Its principal business is the supply of live sheep and cattle to the Middle East and Asia, as well as a network of meat processing facilities in Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Wellard’s pre-export quarantine facility based in Baldivis, Western Australia, is licenced to hold just over 100,000 sheep. General Manager Paul Gault oversees the facility and with the help of the ProWay 12m Bulk Handler, they can now process sheep safely and with minimal stress.

“Hundreds of thousands of lambs and sheep pass through this facility every year. Previously we’ve just done them in a normal drenching race, which is fairly labour intensive. Since installing the Bulk Handler, there’s a huge improvement compared to the way we used to work sheep”.