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ProWay Cattleyards | Woodford | Narrawa, New South Wales

Edward Proudford

I’ve had a relationship with ProWay for some time because we built our sheep yards with them 10 years ago. We’ve since done further holding yards and more recently our new cattle yards at “Woodford”.

We had a time-frame to work with and Mick Barrett and the ProWay team were able to make it happen. Mick was able to plot out our site including the trees, existing shed and even the front gates so we could really get an idea of the position of the new cattle yards – particularly the loading ramp so there was enough room for a B-double to swing in from the road and turn around.

With ProWay you just know that it’s going to be good quality, everything’s tried and tested and it’s safer and more efficient. We recently loaded two B-doubles’ of steers out of the new 19 degree ramp. From the moment the first B-Double came in the gate way we looked at the clock and 21 minutes later two full B-doubles’ of steers were leaving. We’re very happy with the facility.

Edward Proudford

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