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The 7 Benefits of Roof Overs

The benefits of incorporating stockyard cover include numerous efficiency, safety and profitability advantages for yourself, your employees and your livestock. Here are 7 benefits of covering your livestock handling facility:

Protection from weather conditions

Providing shelter from the heat decreases the likelihood of severity of heat stress on your stock. Having an undercover working area also means you can work protected from the inclement elements, increasing working flexibility year-round.

The 7 Benefits of Roof Overs

The 7 Benefits of Roof Overs

Dry holding of stock

A growing trend particularly in sheep operations is greater emphasis on yard cover and a reduction in shearing shed holding capacity. While facilitating timely penning up, installing and maintaining grating can be expensive relative to its infrequent use. In comparison, covered yards can be used throughout the year. Feedlots also utilise roof covered yards to improve feed retention and protect livestock from poor conditions.

Increase longevity of your equipment

Crushes, handlers, electrical and pneumatic equipment will deteriorate in harsh conditions. A roof over will save you capital by improving the lifespan of your equipment and minimise maintenance.

The 7 Benefits of Roof Overs

The 7 Benefits of Roof Overs

Columns can be utilised as structural posts in your yards

By including a shed in your stockyards during the design stage, you can benefit structurally by incorporating columns as posts and minimise interference with stock flow and yard functionality. Construction of a roof structure is also much easier prior to your yards going in the ground.

Sheds provide a mount point

Take advantage of the structure in more ways than weather protection. Above head services such as power and air hoses can keep your workplace orderly and more efficient to work in. Loading livestock after dark? Lighting mounted under and on the shed frame can make your facility operational around the clock.

The 7 Benefits of Roof Overs

The 7 Benefits of Roof Overs

Promote a safe and enjoyable workplace for your staff

Keep your staff safe, focused, and out of the elements. Good staff are worth looking after and a comfortable workplace is a good strategy for staff retention. Don’t give them an excuse to put off stock work.

Machinery storage

Not working stock for a while? We can design your holding pens to adequately store farm equipment such as, tractors, spray rigs, balers etc. to improve your year-round return on investment. We can build robof over structures up to 4m in height to ensure they are fit for multi-purpose use.

We work with you to create a suitable shed for your operation that keeps you out of the weather and protects your equipment. ProWay have a large range of engineered shed designs sizes available, or work directly with reputable shed manufactures to ensure everything is designed to work livestock safely and efficiently. From weatherproofing your crush, to protecting your working area or entire yards, ProWay have you covered.

All ProWay structures are fabricated with galvanised steel columns and frames, appropriately designed for livestock operations. Our shed designs mean untidy wall cross-bracing and knee-bracing are not required. This improves access around the facility and prevents animal and workplace injuries.

ProWay can design your shed to fit over new or existing yards. Our sheds can also be tailored to suit sloping sites, reducing the need for expensive earthworks.

A roof over your yards will keep you out of the sun, keep you out of the rain and keep your yards dry underfoot. Bring your livestock operation up to today’s benchmarks.


The 7 Benefits of Roof Overs

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