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ProWay products are proudly Australian designed and manufactured, and installed all over the world.

Shearing Shed Design Features

At ProWay, we pride ourselves on innovation and are proudly involved in the progression of livestock shearing technology. ProWay have a range of features that are catered to various operations and breeds.

Shearing shed fitout designed by ProWay


Our custom design service provides ProWay customers with unique solutions, meaning no two facilities are ever the same.


Some of our key shearing shed features include:


Optimum Pen Design

Shearing shed optimum pen design

  • ProWay takes pride in providing the best solutions for stock movement within your holding pens.
  • Sheeted fences are used strategically to promote sheep flow.
  • Most designs incorporate an access lane way through the sheep area. This is especially useful to get back to the wool room after penning up.
  • Gates where necessary are braced overhead for extra strength.

Lighting and Ventilation

Shearing shed lighting and ventilation

  • The orientation of your shearing shed is an important consideration.
  • Correctly positioned shutters, doors and removable lower panels maximise ventilation for cooling and drying stock when required.
  • Laser light paneling on southern walls provides excellent natural light without creating heat. Natural light improves stock flow as it minimises the contrast from above and below grating.

Slide Swing Gates

Shearing shed slide swing gates

  • These versatile gates offer flexibility when penning up and moving sheep through the shed.
  • Able to swing 270˚and slide back through a channel, eliminating the frustration of sheep getting caught behind gates or gates stuck shut when the pen is full of sheep.
  • ProWay recommends these gates in most of the openings within your pen layout.

Slope Catching Pens

Shearing shed slope catching pens

  • Catching pens are sloped towards the board to aid shearers dragging out sheep.
  • In sawtooth layouts pens are at 45 degrees so sheep do not enter towards the catching pen doors.
  • In straight board setups ProWay often installs front fill lane ways for effective filling of pens.
  • Gates between catching pens allow for moving sheep at cutouts.
  • The back gates of catching pens are slide swing, making filling easier.
  • ProWbay use 65 x 38 mountain ash as a standard (Cypress is an option)

Wool Room Floor

Shearing shed wool room floor

  • There are options when it comes to your wool room floor, however many of our clients go with a majority concrete slab floor.
  • This allows your shed to be used as a multi-function facility with machinery storage etc throughout the year.
  • Timber wool rooms are also an option for a more comfortable working surface, or a combination of both.

Grating Floor Features & Options

Shearing shed grating floor features & options

  • The grating used is a 65×38 mountain ash (cypress is an option).
  • The grating has a taper on it to ensure it will not get blocked with manure.
  • Melwire and Enduromesh flooring is also an option.

Count Out Pens

Shearing shed count out pens

  • ProWay provides layouts and panels for under shed count out pens.
  • These 20NB galvanised fence lines are concreted into the ground and provide a lane through to the back of the shed.
  • Let out gates have a chain and tee slot to ensure shorn sheep cannot escape until count out.
  • Count out pens can also be built outside the shed where necessary.
  • ProWay generally incorporates yard designs to work together with your let outs allowing the operator to process, draft and treat sheep after shearing.



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