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ProWay’s key advantage is the ability to offer custom designed handling facilities for your operation.

The design of your cattle yards is critical when maximising operation productivity and cost-effectiveness. ProWay designs and products have been refined over time through research, testing and most importantly, feedback from our customers.

Because of our focus on safety and stock flow, ProWay cattle yards are very highly regarded by professionals throughout the livestock industry.

It is so important to get the design right. Details such as the side a gate swings from, angles in force yards, the length of gates, yard orientation, corners and the relative size of yards, all influence stock flow. This is why we focus on individual operations and customise a solution tailored to each site.

ProWay offer a comprehensive “on site design” evaluation and use survey technology to get a full understanding of your requirements. We also use quality satellite images to get an understanding of existing infrastructure and can overlay your design to give you a scaled and accurate concept before manufacturing commences.

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Well-designed cattle yards will make your livestock operation more profitable for the following reasons:

  • Less labour is required to efficiently handle cattle
  • Good yards encourage timely husbandry
  • Facilitate systems to effectively weigh, treat and draft stock to allow management and processing for specific markets
  • Less stress and bruising on stock

This is why it’s important to get your yards right the first time.


ProWay design, manufacture and construct over
300 sets of stockyards each year.


Our designers have experienced the same issues you must work through. One of ProWay’s experienced stockyard designers can travel to your site, measure and assess the site and discuss your requirements.


When on site, the designers:

Cattle yards custom design site meeting

  • Measure up existing features to be incorporated into the design such as sheds, trees, existing fence lines, water troughs, sprinklers, crushes, dips etc
  • Assess and measure the slope of the site
  • Discuss stock movement to and from the yard
  • Consider vehicle access and loading
  • Discuss your stock handling requirements and your operation
  • Draw up a customised stockyard design for you based on the above information and our experience

Areas we cover in your site assessment and design are:

Cattle yards stockyard designer

  • Using natural stock flow principles to make stock handling stress free for the operator and animal
  • Working around existing infrastructure such as sheds, remaining yards and permanent fixtures/services
  • Safety issues for operators
  • Factoring in existing or advising on appropriate weighing options, positioning of scales, weigh crates, or crushes
  • EID requirements
  • Loading options
  • Positioning of yards to maximise use of slope
  • Roofing over yards by incorporating existing structures or planning new shed cover
  • Handling race length and capacity
  • Areas for contractors, scanning, treating, calf marking etc
  • Future expansion

ProWay draw up your new yards with accurate CAD software, showing dimensions and holding capacities, race arcs and how they incorporate existing features.

We can calculate concrete quantities and provide advice on drainage and preparing the site for your new yards. Your design will be suited specifically to your operation, ensuring the new yards will make processing your animals more efficient, safe and profitable.





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