ProWay modular shearing board overview
ProWay products are proudly Australian designed and manufactured, and installed all over the world.

Modular Shearing Board

The ProWay shearing module has been designed as a cost effective solution, for small scale wool producers that wish to utilise an existing roof structure.

A 3-stand modular shearing board
Once installed, sheep can access the raised grating with the purpose built modular ramp. The size of the hardwood grating area allows for 25-35 sheep per module.

The ProWay modular shearing board has many modern shearing shed features, including:

  • A raised board to minimise bending
  • Sloped catching pen floors for an easier drag
  • A back support arm for shearers to hang their harness from
  • Split catching pen doors to help shearers move effectively
  • Large shearers shelf for storing equipment
  • Wide recessed down chutes for ease of releasing sheep
  • Count out pens underneath grating area

The modular design allows for flexibility in a number of circumstances and can be installed on a lease block or under an existing hay or machinery shed without the expense of new, permanent infrastructure.


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