Ramps in and out of shearing sheds
ProWay products are proudly Australian designed and manufactured, and installed all over the world.

Concrete Floor Shed Loading Ramp


  • Fully galvanised construction with stepped and stamped concrete floor to optimise sheep flow.
  • Fully sheeted sides with optional walkway for operator access into shed.
  • Built to the height or your grating and at the optimal gradient for sheep flow.

8m Permanent Adjustable Loading Ramp from Shed

8m permanent ramp out of shed

  • Able to load from shed or retaining wall to reach 3rd deck (6m) or 4th deck (8m)
  • Heavy duty H frame and gantry (250 UB columns) incorporating brace
  • Comes standard with a non-slip walkway and hand rail on either drivers or passenger side, with the option of having both.
  • Standard 5:1 brake winch, with option of 12V electric winch.
  • Fully galvanised construction with HD sprung chassis and wind down legs for extra stability.
  • Sheeted 1 metre sides, loading width at 915mm inside race for ideal sheep flow.
  • Self-engaging safety bar.


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