3 or 5 Way Manual Drafter

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3 or 5 Way Manual Drafter

Bos Taurus and European Breed Cattle

ProWay have developed a 3 or 5-way manual drafter that is designed to fit in front of a crush. The area in front of the crush is where a lot of time is spent and it can be dangerous and time consuming if gates are slow and difficult to use.

Features of the manual draft unit include:

  • Access gates with a vertical slam catch – these can be quickly opened to access the head of the animal and slammed shut when required.
  • No frame near the animals’ head reducing a trip risk hazard.
  • A sliding gate after the access gates acts as a baulk gate if required.
  • Two spring loaded draft gates that can be operated from a single handle located near the front of the crush – this allows safe and quick drafting of stock as they exit the crush.

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