Cattle Weighbox

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Cattle Weighbox

Bos Indicus and Tropical Climate Cattle

Ideally located in the leadup to a crush, manual or auto draft system, ProWay’s Cattle Weighbox has been developed and refined to accurately weigh and record all age and breed cattle.

The offside can be fitted with panel readers and is made with heavy grade PVC sheeting to eliminate interference with EID scanning. The operating side is built with premium grade Australian galvanised steel and is ¾ sheeted to maintain a visual on stock. The adjustable panel on the working side quickly and easily reduces the race width at the base allows for accurate weighing of all size cattle without them turning around, while hanging weighbars keep the load cells out of the muck to ensure longevity.

Designed for high throughput on farm, feedlots and commercial operations. The frame is bolted to a concrete slab with a heavy duty non-slip galvanised floor is suspended 50mm above ground level. Fitted with a sliding gate at the entry end as standard, however remote operated pneumatic rotary block gates are an optional upgrade. An exit gate is also optional depending on your requirements.

ProWay can supply appropriate indicators, load cells, panel readers and scanning equipment as required.

Other options include:

  • Side opening access door and headbale to make the weighbox a multifunction vet crush.
  • Autodraft functionality with automated pneumatic operation drafting from 3 up to 7 ways.

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