ProWay Sheep Yards

ProWay products are proudly designed
and manufactured in Australia, and installed all over the world.

ProWay Sheep Yards

ProWay sheep yards have earned a reputation of being “cutting edge” in terms of operator safety and stock flow. Our designs and products have been refined over time. Because of our focus on safety and stock flow, ProWay sheep yards are very highly regarded by professionals throughout the livestock industry.

It is important to get the design right. Details such as the side a gate swings from, angles in bugles, the length of the gates, the yard orientation, corners in yards and the relative size of yards, all influence stock flow.

Stock flow determines the yards’ efficiency and has a direct impact on minimising stress on stock.

Our aims when designing and building sheep yards are;

✓ Maximising sheep flow.

✓ Operator efficiency and safety.

✓ Ensuring the yards suit your site and operation.

✓ Product longevity.

The design of sheep yards has changed over time. Our designs reflect the fact that there is now more individual processing of sheep. Yard designs need to reflect changes in husbandry and include areas to weigh lambs, scan ewes etc. and also areas for contractors.

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Celebrating over 20 years of Aussie innovation – ProWay are proudly Australian owned, designed and manufactured.